Information on the use of Portal images

Ancestors – Archives for Master Research

By accessing the User Area, it is possible to download images of documents published on the Antenati Portal.

The use of downloaded images is only permitted:

For study and research purposes:

According to the Cultural Heritage Code, reproductions of documents held by the State Archives published on the Ancestors Portal – Archives for Master Research can be used free of charge for personal use or for study and research purposes, provided they are not for profit (Article 108(3)). They may also be disseminated and disclosed, again on a non-profit basis, for personal use (e.g. publication on personal social profiles), study (research activities) and free expression of thought and creative expression.

For administrative purposes:

The digitalized copies obtained at this Site have no legal value whatsoever and it cannot be used with legal or administrative purposes, especially for citizenship applications. In order to obtain an authentic copy of the documents found in the Ancestors Portal, it is necessary to contact the State Archives which keep the original documents. Attention is also drawn to the fact that civil registry documents are kept by the Municipalities: for this reason, it is necessary to contact them directly to request information and certificates.

For editorial purposes:

In order to publish an image of the documentation on the Portal, it is necessary to notify the State Archive that preserves the document(s) identified. The State Archives will be able to grant authorisation for publication and reproductions must bear the mention “By concession of the Ministry of Culture” and the citation in the aforementioned publication of the State Archives that preserve the documents (request forms can be found on the individual websites of the Institutes).

Authorisation is issued free of the relevant fees in the following cases:

  • publications with a print run of less than 2,000 copies and a cover price of less than €70;
  • periodical publications of a scientific nature;
  • online for scientific and pedagogical purposes, without advertising or commercial advertisements and without paid access.

In other cases, current legislation (D.M. 161 of 11/04/2023) provides for the payment of publication fees by the applicant (for info:

For the modalities of reproduction and payment, please contact the competent State Archives.