Project history

The Portal was conceived and realised by the Directorate General for Archives, in the person of Luciano Scala, then Director General, with the coordination of Patrizia Ferrara, then Director of Service III – Studies and Research.

The Portal was inaugurated in Pescara on 17 December 2011.

They were part of the Editorial staff who edited the content: Roberta Corbellini, former director of the Udine State Archives, Alessandra Corbo, Central Institute for Archives, Daniela Ferrari, former director of the State Archives in Mantua, Edoardo Garis of the State Archives of Turin, Franca Maestrini of the State Archives of Mantua, Ferdinando Salemme of the Naples State Archives, Diana Toccafondi, former Archival Superintendent for Tuscany and Mauro Tosti Croce, former head of Service III – Studies and Research.

The design of the web platform was carried out in cooperation with Gestione Archivi srl and Cineca.

Over the years, millions of images have flowed into the Portal, making it an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to conduct research into the history of families and individuals, but also into historical demography and social history in the broadest sense.

In 2018 a graphic restyling of the website was carried out promoted by the Central Institute for Archives, then directed by Stefano Vitali, with the collaboration of Hyperborea for the development of the website.
With these interventions, the Portal has been enriched with new services, search aids and multimedia content.