Tell your story

If the Ancestry Portal has been useful for your genealogical research and has contributed to the retrieval of information about your ancestors, please write about your family history and your personal research experience, highlighting:

  • The motivation for genealogical research;
  • The consulted pages of the portal Antenati;
  • Sources consulted, private or public, archives and libraries, digital resources etc.
  • The results expected or hoped for and those achieved;

When submitting your Story we ask you to identify a title referring to the narrative of the story, an abstract summarising the main points described and the text of your Story accompanied by jpg photographs. In your Story you will be able to tell and share with other users how you came to know about the Ancestors portal, what factors prompted you to write your story, what feelings and emotions aroused when you discovered the presence of ancestor-related documents in your family. Basically, we would like to receive a paper from you that encompasses all your research experience in the portal.