Request of certificates

The digitalized copies obtained at this Site have no legal value whatsoever and it cannot be used with legal or administrative purposes, especially for citizenship applications.

The Law of 13 June 1912, no. 555 provides that children born abroad of an Italian father are granted Italian nationality. With the birth of the Republic and the entry into force of the Constitution, after the ruling no. 30/1983 of the Constitutional Court, this right of descent was also extended to women. Italian emigrants and descendants of Italian emigrants may apply for the recognition of citizenship iure sanguinispursuant to the Law of 5 February 1992, no. 91. The list of documents to be presented can be found in the Ministry of the Interior’s circular K 28.1 of 8 April 1991, which includes the extract from the birth or marriage certificate of their ancestors.
For further information on current legislation, please refer to the website of theDepartment of Internal and Territorial Affairs.

To obtain an authentic copy of the documents found in the Ancestry Portal, it is necessary to contact the State Archives which hold the original documents.

Certified copies, also known as certified copies, are copies of certificates issued by a Public Authority, which guarantees their authenticity within the terms set out in Art. 18 DPR 445/2000. Please note that certified copies of administrative documents are subject to stamp duty, unless the use for which the copy is requested (and which must be explicitly stated by the user) is among those for which exemption is provided. The current text of the table in Annex B to the Presidential Decree of 26 October 1972, no. 642 indicates the uses for which exemption from stamp duty is provided.

Please refer to the Regulations section for further guidance.

Attention is also drawn to the fact that registry documents are kept by the municipalities; for this reason, it is necessary to apply directly to them for information and certificates: addresses and contacts can be found on the website of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) or on the website It is also useful to visit the Wikipedia page Municipalities of Italy.

The formation of the National Register of Resident Population (ANPR), which will replace the registers of Italy’s 7,978 municipalities, is underway.

Concerning the issuance of copies of matriculation sheets:

Details of material already paid to the relevant State Archives can be found in the Explore the Archives section, where copies can be obtained.
For any matriculation sheets that have not yet been submitted to the competent State Archives, please contact:

  • in the case of the Army, to the relevant Document Centres (former Military Districts), both for Officers and for Non-Commissioned Officers and Troops;
  • for the Navy, to Persomil 11th Div. located in viale dell’Esercito 186, 00143 Rome – tel. 06 5170 50153; for both Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Troops;
  • for the Air Force, to Persomil 12th Div., located in viale dell’Esercito 186, 00143 Rome – tel. 06 5170 50865, for Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers; to the “Deposito matricolare” located in piazza Guerriero Gonzaga 17, 05018 Orvieto, tel. 0763 342811/23 for troops;
  • for Carabinieri, to the competent Documentary Centres, both for Officers and for Non-Commissioned Officers and Troops, or to the General Headquarters of the Arma for the most recent documentation.