The sources for genealogical research held by State Archives

In the area of the administration of the italian archives, the State Archives, articulated in a provincial basis, represent the most important institutions for preservation and valorization of the public documents of the State. These Archives preserve:

1) the italian State Archives before the Unification of Italy;

2) the documents of the courts and administrative offices (either local and central branches) that are no longer needed;

3) the rest of the archives and documents, public and private, that the State owns or has received in deposit, as well as family, companies, religious associations or non-state public entites archives.

The State Archives hold many private and public sources that are essential to the genealogical research and the History of some families and persons. The main sources are:

  • The Civil Registry, together with the attached 1-year and 10-year origin indexes
  • Military service and army archives.
  • Notary public archives.
  • Family and personal archives.
  • Nominal sources and sources for emigration.