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Alberto Moravia (1907-1990)

Alberto Moravia – born Alberto Pincherle Moravia – was born in Rome on 28th November 1907. He grew up in a culturally vibrant environment: his father Carlo was an architect and painter, of Venetian descent and Jewish faith; his mother, Teresa Iginia De Marsanich, was an Ancona native of Dalmatian descent and Catholic faith. His…

Ricordi delle invasioni francesi in Abruzzo

In un volume di documenti di matrimonio dal paese di San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore per l’anno 1822, si trova il seguente, piuttosto drammatico racconto, riguardo la morte di un antenato di mia madre, mio 4° bisnonno: Nell’anno mille ottocento sette, 1807. Nel giorno primo di Settembre. Bartolommeo (sic) figlio di Giuseppe Di Giambattista, marito…

Mapping and rediscovering our Anglo-Italian bloodline to Southern Italy

My name is Daniel Deefholts. I am British, however, my family tales and DNA tells an interesting story mapped across many influential countries and fiery cultures with direct ties to Britain. My maternal line means I am a blood descendent of Italian migrants. This connection stems from my mother, Sarah and my grandmother, Theresa. Before…

Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973)

Elsa Schiaparelli was born in Rome on 10th September 1890 to Giuseppa Maria de Dominicis, a Neapolitan aristocrat, and Celestino Schiaparelli, a professor of Arabic literature and language at Rome’s La Sapienza University and the first librarian at the Accademia dei Lincei. To the paternal branch of his family – of Piedmontese origin – belonged…

Guido Fiorini (1891-1965)

Guido Fiorini was born in Bologna on 1st July 1891. After graduating in Engineering, he specialised in Architecture in 1919. During the early days of his career, he devoted himself to both teaching and the practice of his profession, even gaining recognition for some of his work. During the 1920s, while in Paris, he got…

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