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Anna Magnani (1908-1973)

Anna Magnani was born in Rome on 7th March 1908. Daughter of Marina Magnani, seamstress, and father unknown. She grew up with her grandparents and aunts in a house between the Capitol and the Palatine Hill, living a peaceful childhood despite the distance from her mother who left her in their care to go to…

La ricerca dei miei antenati: l’esperienza di un anno da ricordare

Mi chiamo Alberto Del Fra, vivo a Roma, ho il desiderio di lasciare ai miei figli e ai miei nipoti memoria dei nostri antenati, coloro che ci hanno trasmesso ciò che fa di noi ciò che siamo oggi. Un anno fa ho avuto notizia da un mio amico dell’esistenza del Portale Antenati e da quel…

Enrico Fermi (1901-1954)

Enrico Fermi was born in Rome on 29th September 1901. From a very young age, he showed a marked propensity for algebra and physics. He then entered the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, where he was able to deepen his knowledge of these disciplines and make a name for himself among the most illustrious professors…

Pietro Ferrero (1898-1949)

Pietro Giovanni Ferrero was born in Farigliano (CN) on 2nd September 1898. The son of farmers in the Piedmont Langhe, he soon decided to open a pastry shop in Alba (CN) and to launch innovative but inexpensive confectionery products on the market that could be affordable for everyone. After much experimentation, he came up with…

Elsa Morante (1912-1985)

Elsa Morante was born in Rome on 18th August 1912 to Francesco Lo Monaco and Irma Poggibonsi. However, she was recognised at the registry office by her mother’s husband, Augusto Morante, from whom she took her surname. She began writing at a very young age, devoting herself to writing fairy tales and short stories, many…

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