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Di Segni family (1928-1936)

Accompanying us on this journey through time is the voice of journalist Claudio della Seta, who recounts the images and stories of the people filmed by his great-uncle Salvatore Di Segni from 1928 to 1936. A double point of view, both personal and professional, which emphasises the importance of these films. This montage also has…

Biography of Giorgio Ascarelli

Various protagonists of the social and economic life of the time appear in the films shot by Salvatore Di Segni. Among them, we find the eclectic figure of Giorgio Ascarelli. Born in Naples in 1894, Ascarelli was an entrepreneur, patron of the arts, art collector and sports manager. He expanded his father’s flourishing textile company…

Ciò per amor- The Milan of Piero Portaluppi

Some films from the Di Segni fund document the transformation of the city of Milan in which architect Piero Portaluppi was a protagonist. On 1 October 1926, the competition for the Master Plan of the city of Milan was announced. Of the 25 participating projects, the first prize winner is ‘Ciò per amor’ by Piero…

Extraordinary eruption of Mount Etna

Films from the Di Segni Fund also include images far removed from the family dimension. In this case, an event as exceptional as it is catastrophic as the eruption of Mount Etna becomes part of the story in images that Salvatore Di Segni produced in November 1928. Between the 2nd and 7th of the same…

L’Elegante sovversivo – La vita antifascista di Giacomo Schirone

Il racconto riguarda una figura di famiglia: Giacomo Schirone, uno dei due fratelli del nonno paterno, dunque zio di mio padre, che si chiamava come lui. Nato nel 1900 (ma i documenti indicano la data del 21 gennaio 1901) fu sempre socialista; perseguitato dal fascismo, esule in Francia, combattente in Spagna, antifascista nel dopoguerra e…

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