State Archives of Cuneo


Status of digitization activities


Civil registry

The Civil Registry files were sent to the institute from the Saluzzo and Mondovì Courts and are gathered in the “Civil Registry” archive in two sections: Saluzzo and its circumscription (most of those files are from 1803 to 1813) and Mondovì and its circumscription (from 1864 to 1899). These files are birth, marriage and death certificates and, for the Kingdom of Italy Era in Mondovì, also citizenship certificates (most of all residence changes). The Mondovì section gathers Parish Books (1853-1865). The Restoration Era files at the Ancestry portal are only available for Bonvicino (citizens born in 1853). The birth certificates of Mondovì between 1864 and 1899 include an attached name index.

Army census

The Cuneo Recruitment Office holds the Recruitment Lists of the male residents born in the Alba, Cuneo, Mondovì (classes of 1792-1942) and Saluzzo circumpscriptions (classes of 1806-1918).

Recruitment number and military draw number

In the fund named Cuneo Military District are collected the matriculation rolls referring to male citizens, born between 1843 and 1947 in the municipalities of the Cuneo and Saluzzo districts , serving in the military. The Mondovi Military District fund contains matriculation rolls for those born from 1843 to 1935 in the municipalities of the Mondovi and Alba districts. The series Personal fasciclesof the privates (classes of 1915-1935) and non-comissioned officers (classes of 1869-1924) contains original documents summarized in the draft cards that give us detailed information about the discipline, illnesses, punishments, etc.