Useful research tools and indications available on the Ancestor Portal

The Ancestors Portal provides users with a variety of useful information and tools for initiating and conducting registry and/or genealogical searches.

Usable sections, periodically updated and enriched, include:

  1. Research grants, in which links and sources for research are presented – broken down by topic;
  2. Digital publishing. An extensive annotated bibliography, broken down by types of sources (civil state, military sources, ecclesiastical sources, etc.), with scientific contributions that can be downloaded in full.
  3. Genealogical research The section has recently undergone thorough revision and implementation. The extension consists of new pages, which illustrate some of the most important document types preserved in institutions other than the State Archives:

  1. The sources for genealogical research held by State Archives also optimised and supplemented with detailed descriptions of genealogical sources held in the State Archives: