State Archive of Venice. The database of draft lists is online

From today, 21 April, the database of the draft lists of the municipalities belonging to the province of Venice, kept in the State Archives of Venice, is back online.

The database collects the personal data of male citizens considered alive at the age of eighteen (classes 1855-1895) and resident in the Municipality, for a total of 196 registers and more than 156,000 files.

For each of the members, the following are reported: name day data of the young person and of the parents, date and place of birth, place of residence, profession of the member and of the father, any indications relating to irregular entry in the list, questions of exemption from military service and emigration and finally the extraction number that allows connection with other series of the archive of the military service.

A precious work, able to offer valid support for personal registry and genealogical research, as well as being of great interest for national history.