State Archives of Salerno


Indexing status


Civil registry

The Salerno State Archive holds the Civil Registry files, that is to say, the duplicates of the birth, marriage and death certificates and the Attached files (marriage processes) issued between 1809 and 1865 by the city registers of the province. New documents from the Salerno (until 1955) and Nocera inferiore (until 1945) Civil Registry have been recently acquired, while the Sala Consilina and Vallo della Lucania registries are still in their respective Courts.

Army census

The archive Salerno Recruitment Office holds the Recruitment Lists of the classes between 1837 and 1949.

Recruitment number and military draw number

The Salerno Military Districtholds the draft cards, which contain detailed information about the military service and campaigns, the Army corps in which the privates and non-commissioned officers of the classes of 1842-1930 and 1939-1943 served until their discharge.


A database of the Recruitment Lists between 1837 and 1895 is available for consultation in this institute.