State Archives of Genova


Indexing status


Civil registry

The Civil Registry sources held by the institute are organized in 3 archives: the Napoleonic Civil Registry (1795-1813), and the Rapallo district (1838-1859) and the Civil registry of the post-unification period paid by the Court of Genoa and the Court of Chiavari (1866-1915):contains the duplicates of the birth, marriage, death and citizenship certificates and its alphabetical indexes, issued by the local court before filing.

Army census

The Napoleonic Era Recruitment Office hold the Recruitment Lists of the male citizens of Montenotte Department (classes of 1786-1795); whilethe Kingdom of Sardinia Recruitment Office holds the recruits lists of the classes of 1792-1886 of the Albenga, Chiavari, Genova, the Spezia, Savona circumscriptions. Each recruit file includes information about maternity, paternity, domicile, occupation, physical features and the result of the examination.

Recruitment number and military draw number

The Genoa Military District holds draft cards (classes of 1874-1984) and military records (1874-1943) for Genoa and its province and the military records (1921-1943) for Massa and its province.

Online Sources

The CISEI database Porto to Mondo contains information from different archives: Boarding Lists of the Maritime Sanitation Registry of the Genoa State Archive for the years between 1833 and 1856.