State Archivesof Massa and Pontremoli: online the Civil Status, Conscription Lists, Matriculation Sheets and other fonds

The State Archives of Massa and the State Archives Section of Pontremoli have made the inventories of a number of fonds useful for anagraphic and genealogical research accessible online:

Civil status of Massa and province

Matriculation sheets

Government and States of Massa and Carrara Year 1819

Ancient Municipality Fund
Napoleonic Census of Pontremoli and its districts in 1810

– Civil Status of Pontremoli

Conscription lists of Pontremoli Bagnone Mulazzo Villafranca Filattiera Zeri year 1842

Civil status of the town of Zeri from 1849 to 1865

Civil status of the town of Filattiera from 1849 to 1865

Civil status of Pontremoli (1849-1865)

San Antonio Abate Hospital Fund of Pontremoli – Gettatelli – Exposures