State Archives of Milano: The use of sources in genealogical and family research

On Wednesday 17 February, at 15:00, there will be a live broadcast of the seminar: The use of sources in genealogical and family research. The case of the documentary film “Just one hour I want you” by Alina Marazzi..

The seminar, which is part of the Special Archiving course at the APD school of the State Archives of Milano, focuses on the use of sources found in private archives for genealogical research and the reconstruction of family history.

The emblematic case of the documentary film “Un’ora sola ti vorrei” offers the possibility of reconstructing, together with the director Alina Marazzi, the research path based on the sources that she herself undertook and completed with the making of the film.

The director reconstructs the memory of her mother, Liseli Marazzi Hoepli, starting from the sources found both in private and public archives, in particular through the consultation and editing of:

  • lletters and diaries written by her mother;
  • reels of family films in 16 and 8 mm, filmed from 1926 to the mid-1970s by her maternal grandfather Ulrico Hoepli (1906-2003), great-grandson of Hoepli (1847-1935), a Swiss publisher who founded the famous publishing house in Milano;
  • medical records of the nursing homes where his mother spent long periods of time.



  • Benedetto Luigi Compagnoni – Director of the State Archives of Milano


  • Debora Piroli – APD School Lecturer, State Archives of Milano
  • Alina Marazzi – Director

The meeting, open to the public of the network, can be followed on:

Each contribution will remain accessible after the live streaming on the indicated channels.

The seminar is part of the cycle of meetings “Wednesday conferences” organised by the School of Archival Palaeography and Diplomatics of the State Archives of Milano.

Download the poster (Pdf- 328 KB).