Rooting Experience. Roots Tourism and the Great Archives

On 31 March at 10:00 a.m., in the Sala Filangieri of the Naples State Archives, the meeting”Rooting Experience. Roots Tourism and the Great Archives” was held, a morning of study and awareness dedicated to Roots Tourism and the role of the Naples State Archives in this flywheel for the restart of post-Covid-19 Italy.
The Roots Tourism is a type of tourist offer linked to the history of the great emigration from Southern Italy to the Americas between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
Through it, an attempt is made to tie up the threads of personal and family memory that were broken by the exodus to the New World.
Roots Tourism is an initiative structured through appropriate communication strategies, which combines the offer of goods and services of the third sector (accommodation, food and wine, guided tours) with the knowledge of the family history and culture of origin of Italians living abroad and of Italian descendants, who are estimated to have a catchment area of almost 80 million people.
Documentary sources provide the possibility of accurate genealogical research, so as to offer a high quality experience of one’s own history to tourists, who are interested in a cultural journey that goes to the roots of the history of the place visited, as a personal, family and social history.
The State Archives of Naples has already been the focus of an unforgettable journey back to the roots in 2018 curated by Letizia Sinisi for Mrs Manteria, president of an Italian-American genealogy association. The video made at the time of the trip will be screened.

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