Portal Partigiani d’Italia: one year later

The Site Partigiani d’Italia, one year after its preview (25 April 2020) and about four and a half months after its definitive online publication (15 December 2020), is now a point of reference for all those who, for various purposes, are looking for reliable information on those who participated in the liberation struggle against Nazi-fascism.

IIn just a few months, about three thousand users have registered, many of whom have not limited themselves to viewing the individual digitised files, reading the personal information collected in the database and the historical and institutional context material, but have interacted with the portal’s editorial staff by providing important data corrections and asking for further information.

It should be noted that the portal Partisans of Italy allows you to consult the files relating to requests for recognition of partisan qualifications kept in the fund Archive for the Service Recognition Qualifications and Rewards to Partisans (Ricompart).

This fund was kept by the Ministry of Defence, which transferred it to the Central State Archive in the years 2009-2012. Starting in 2017, at the instigation of the MiBACT General Directorate for Archives,the Central Institute for Archives,, in collaboration with the Higher Normal School,the Piedmont Institute for the History of the Resistance and Contemporary Society “Giorgio Agosti” (Istoreto), and the National Institute “Ferruccio Parri”, has developed a project that aims to enhance this important documentary source to contribute to the study of the history of the Italian Resistance and to the knowledge of the women and men who participated in the liberation struggle.