Ancestors Portal, Giorgio Ascarelli in the Di Segni Family films

Starting today, Monday 3 April, the Portale Antenati, CSC-Archivio Nazionale Cinema Impresa, in collaboration with Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea CDEC present Giorgio Ascarelli in the films of the Di Segni Family The films of the CSC-Archivio Nazionale Cinema Impresa on the Antenati Portal of the Direzione Generale Archivi.

They are available under ‘Family Stories’ four family films from the CSC-Archivio Nazionale Cinema Impresa d’Ivrea, among them a short montage dedicated to the eclectic figure of Giorgio Ascarelli, founder of Napoli Calcio, who died prematurely in 1930. The films about him were shot between 1928 and 1929 and are part of the Fondo Di Segni owned by Daniela Di Segni and Gabriel Sagel, and identified and recovered between Italy and Argentina by journalist Claudio Della Seta, who with the National Film Archive and CDEC promoted the collection of films of Jewish communities in Italy.