EHD 2021 – Cultural Heritage: ALL included!

IThe European Heritage Days (EHD), which will take place on 25 and 26 September 2021, will be dedicated to the theme “Cultural Heritage: ALL INCLUDED!”: it is meant to be a reflection on participation in cultural heritage extended to all citizens, including all age groups, ethnic groups, minorities in the area and people with disabilities.
Some State Archives celebrate these days with in-depth studies also linked to genealogical research:

Ignored Lives. The exhibits in the documents of the State Archives of Forlì-Cesena
Participates by proposing a guided tour dedicated to the documentation on abandoned childhood. The archive materials will reveal the stories of boys and girls, of the families and institutions that took them in between the end of the 18th century and the first thirty years of the 20th.

A road to family research
Participate with an online-only event proposing the publication of the digitised Lever Lists, year 1923, which may be another avenue for family research. In times of relative lack of mobility, due to the pandemic, the publication of Lever Lists renders a not insignificant service to interested users around the world.

The names of over eight thousand nuraghi – Diffusion and meaning
Participates by presenting the volume “I nomi di oltre ottomila nuraghi – Diffusione e significato”by Mauro Maxia.
The nuraghi, a peculiar presence in Sardinia to the point that the expression Nuragic civilisation has become a synonym for Sardinian civilisation, numbered 6,523 to date, surveyed by archaeologists and historians. In conversation with Dr. Nadia Canu, archaeologist at the Soprintendenza Archeologia, belle arti e paesaggio for the provinces of Sassari and Nuoro, the author will present the topic from a linguistic point of view, proposing a list of 8,239 names, the result of long and painstaking research, examining their origin and offering useful repertories for each Sardinian municipality.

The event will also be broadcast live on the Fb channel of the State Archives of Sassari.