State Archives of Vicenza


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The State Archives of Vicenza hold the following fonds:

Civil Status of the Department of the Bacchiglione, the Napoleonic Civil Status from 1806 to 1815 of the municipalities included in the following cantons of the Napoleonic Department of the Bacchiglione is preserved:
District I of Vicenza: canton I of Vicenza; canton II of Camisano; canton III of Arzignano; canton IV of Valdagno; canton V of Barbarano
District II of Schio: canton I of Schio; canton II of Tiene; canton III of Malo
District III of Bassano: canton I of Bassano; canton III of Marostica
District IV of Asiago: Canton I of Asiago
For the department of Brenta, the Napoleonic civil status of the canton of Cittadella, in the current Province of Padua, is preserved.

Italian Civil Status: the Vicenza State Archives hold the Italian Civil Status of the municipalities in the province of Vicenza from 1 September 1871 to 1906, with documents up to 1950. Digital reproductions of the attachments of Citizenships, Marriages, Marriage Publications, Births and Deaths are published on the Ancestor Portal.

The remaining part of the fund for the years 1906 – 1963 was paid by the Court of Vicenza in 2020 and is currently deposited at the State Archives of Verona. Digital reproductions of documents on deposit in Verona are available, within the limits established by current legislation on the processing of personal data, at the Study Room of the State Archives in Vicenza.

Draft lists

The Recruitment Lists are filed in two archives:

Conscription lists of VicenzaThe conscription lists (classes 1848 – 1946) registered in the municipalities of the entire province of Vicenza are preserved.

– Conscription lists of Vicenza conscription (classes 1806-1862) in the municipalities of Vicenza district only;

The personal information appears in these lists only from the 1873 class on. This information is particularly useful for genealogic research, since it contains the names of the parents and the birthplace.

Matriculation sheets and roles

The Vicenza Draft Cards file holds the Draft Cards and military records (classes of 1850-1931) of the privates and non-commissioned officers.

There is also an envelope of Air Force personnel files relating to the classes from 1893 to 1902 and documentation on women who were recognised as ‘partisans‘.

Online Sources.

The Institute provides a database for the consultation of military conscription lists for the classes 1873-1901 and matriculation rolls for the classes 1892; 1897; 1898; 1899; 1914. In addition, a database is available with the list of notaries whose deeds are kept in the State Archives or in the Bassano del Grappa Archive Section. They cover a chronological span from 1361 to 1914 and concern localities in the current province of Vicenza and some municipalities in the provinces of Treviso (Asolo and Castelfranco), Belluno (Quero and Fener), Padua (Cittadella) and Venice (Noale). Another database concerning wills from 1408 to around 1850 from the Acts of the Notaries of Vicenza. There were 6136 notaries active in the district of Vicenza between the years 1359 and 1914. The documentary production packaged in registers, volumes, files and cassettes occupies a linear space of more than 600 metres in the State Archives’ repositories.