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Civil registry

The Civil Registry (1809-1865) are kept at the State Archives of Catanzaro.
The Institute keeps the Civil Registry of the municipalities of the province of Vibo Valentia (1865-1920).

Army census

The Vibo Valentia Recruitment Office (1901 -1945) file holds the Recruitment Lists of the Maritime Departments of Crotone (classes of 1929-1985), Pizzo Calabro (classes of 1901-1923), Vibo Valentia Navy (classes of 1924-1985) and the cities of the Catanzaro Military Department, which are part of the present Vibo Valentia province (classes of 1926-1950).

For any previous military classes the sources can be found at the Catanzaro State Archive.

Online Sources

The Institute has joined the “Portale della storia degli italiani”.

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