State Archives of Rieti


Status of digitization activities


Civil registry

The Rieti State Archive holds the Civil Registry from the City of Borbona from 1809 to 1865 (the marriage series is not completeno); two registries contain data about population movement (1852-1900;1890-1900). The Civil Registry de Fiamignano contains complete series from 1809 to 1865. The Civil Registry from Rieti Court, holds the series of the birth, marriage, death and citizenship certificates, the marriage announcements and the decennial indexes from 1861 to 1960. Those files are accompanied by descriptive inventories (until 1918) and are available for consultation, except for the files subject to data protection regulation. The Ancestry portal publishes the digital copies of the Civil Registry from 1861 on, and, only for Poggio Perugino, for the period previous to the unification of Italy.

Army census

The sources are divided in: Recruitment Registries of the Cittaducale, at the L’Aquila District, of the classes of from 1857 to 1860, from 1888 to 1922, from 1925 to 1944; Recruitment Registries of Rieti, at the Orvieto Military District, from 1884 to 1894 and from 1917 to 1922; Extraction lists of the Cittàducale circumscription, from 1858 to 1890 and from 1901 to 1905; Extraction lists of the Rieti circumscription from 1880 to 1890 and from 1902 to 1908. For any other city of the Rieti province included in the Orvieto Military District and later in the Rome Military District, only the recruitment registers from 1926 to 1944 have been conserved

Other sources in the archive

This institute holds sporadic documents: there are also the parish books of Rieti and the annexes of Casette, Castelfranco, Cerchiaria, Maglianello, Moggio, Poggio Fidoni, Poggio Perugino, San Benedetto, Sant’Elia and San Giovanni Reatino (1560-1860).