State Archives of Prato


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The Prato State Archive holds, in the archive Prato City Council, the Civil Registry series, the baptized registry from 1482 to 1808; the death registry from 1557 to 1817, and the marriage registry from 1597 to 1867 (the inventory is available for consultation atArchivi storici Toscani). The reformers of the Siena Statute decided that, “in order to know the age of boys and girls”, Michele di Francesco Guizzelmi had to elaborate a list of births since the death of Filippo Inghirami, who, in his 1489-90 testament, granted 5 scolarships for young males and 8 dowries for girls from local noble families. Guizzelmi carried out the task taking the names from the baptized registry of the S. Stefano Pieve. After Guizzelmi the local chancellors will carry out this task until 1808. In addition to this, they started to file baptized books since 1580 , then death and marriage registries. In 1935 an index of baptized women from 1510 to 1556, the so-called number 10 bis, was recovered. From 1808 on we can rely on the Civil Registry, established during the French domination and continued during the Grand Duchy and the Kingdom of Italy (see Florence State Archive). The Italian Civil Registry files are gathered in the archive Florence Court – Civil Registry files Prato District, dated between 1866 and 1905, and issued by Calenzano, Cantagallo, Carmignano, Montemurlo, Prato and Vernio. The archivo holds the Attachedfiles series as well. The Ancestry Site publishes digitalized copies of the Italian Civil Registry until 1900.

Draft lists

In the Historical Archives of the City of Prato, series Fortifications and Militias, there are military conscription registers for the years (1804-14) and (1820-64).

Online Sources.

A database of the Ospedale della Misericordia e Dolce, particularly the Contrassegno dei trovatelli (1762-1866) series, is available for consultation at the site.