State Archives of Piacenza


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The State Archives of Piacenza preserves the Civil Status Acts of the municipalities of the province of Piacenza (1806 – 1929) from the civil status offices of the municipalities. The collection also holds the series of Annexes ( 1806-1929). The Piacenza Municipality – Civil Status fund containing population census records and population registers with alphabetical headings (1809-1881) is also preserved. The proceedings are freely available at the institute’s study room.

Draft lists

The Piacenza Conscription Office fund preserves conscription lists in the municipalities of the province of Piacenza (classes 1903-1947) and Parma ( classes 1916-1947).

Matriculation sheets and roles

The Military Districts of Piacenza and Parma fund preserves the matriculation rolls for Piacenza (classes 1842-1945) and for Parma (classes 1866-1945). Included in the fund are some records related to the War Volunteers of the Parma district ( classes 1915-1929).

Online Sources.

The Institute has created the following databases:

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