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Civil registry

The Piacenza State Archive holds the Civil Registry files of the cities of the province (1806 – 1929). The Archive holds as well the Attached files series (1806-1929) and the Piacenza – Civil Registry, which contains documents of the censuses and city registries and its alphabetical lists (1809-1881). The files are available for consultation at the study room.

Army census

The Piacenza Recruitment Office holds the Recruitment Lists of the cities of the Piacenza (classes of 1903-1947) and Parma Provinces (classes of 1916-1947).

Recruitment number and military draw number

The Military Districts of Piacenza and Parma hold the Draft Cards of Piacenza (classes of 1842-1945) and Parma (classes of 1866-1945). The file also holds documents from the War Volunteers of the Parma District series (classes of 1915-1929).

Online Sources

The Institute has created databases of military records: Piacenza Primogenita nel 150° dell’Unità d’Italia, Combattenti piacentini per l’Unità, Diamo un volto ai caduti piacentini: caduti piacentini della Prima Guerra Mondiale