State Archives of Modena


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The State Archives in Modena preserve the civil status for the Napoleonic era (1806-1814) for the Austro-Estense period (1852-1865) and the post-unification period (1866-1920). The series of the Annexes (1852-1963), although incomplete for some municipalities, are a valuable additional source for tracing back to other archives with traces of ancestors, the places of residence of families and details useful for genealogical reconstruction. despite being incomplete in some towns, constitute a precious complementary source to other archives, such as the so-called “Parish Certificates” required to issue a specific certificate. The marriage and death certificates (1866-1920) are still being inventoried and are available for consultation at the Study Room of this archive.

Draft lists

Sources on military conscription are collected in the funds: Commissione di leva (1802-1814); Archivio militare Austro-Estense (1849-1859); Liste di leva di Modena e provincia (classi 1840-1947), Liste di leva di Reggio Emilia e provincia (classi 1917-1947; dal 1840 al 1916 presso l’Archivio di stato di Reggio Emilia).

Matriculation sheets and roles

In the Distretto militare di Modena e di Reggio fund, for conscripts of the classes between 1874 and 1945, there are matricular rolls, i.e. records of service rendered, war campaigns, body of assignment up to discharge. The Institute holds as well the registries of the 1846-1817 classes, a period in which many gaps have been reported.

For the previous periods please check the personal scripts of the recruits (1814-1859).

Other Sources In The Archive

The institute participated in the ‘Portale della Storia degli Italiano‘. It indexes the birth records from 1860 to 1899 of the municipalities of Bastiglia, Bomporto and Campogalliano.

The institute has made available (in PDF) Matteo Borelli’s thesis entitled La genealogia come strumento di ricerca storica nell’era digitale. Mappatura di profili, strumenti e sistemi .

The institute has made available online the rubriche dei ruoli matricolari del Distretto militare di Modena e Reggio Emilia of those born between 1874 and 1945 (albeit with several gaps).

Other sources in the Archives

In the series Atti di coscrizione(applications for exemption from military service), documents of interest for family history can be found, such as the applicants’ family status in which the composition of the family group at the time of conscription is attested.