State Archives of Messina


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The State Archives in Messina preserve the civil status records, introduced in 1819 by the Bourbon system, are collected in the fund entitled Civil Status (1820-1865). It includes the birth, marriage and death certificates issued by the city registers of the whole current Province of Messina. Almost all the attached files are missing.

– List of conscription (1840-1948).

The fund called the Conscription Office conserves the land conscription lists for males born and resident in the municipalities of the Messina, Castroreale, Patti and Mistretta districts (1840-1948) and the sea conscription lists for the classes 1876-1985.

Matriculation sheets and roles

The Matriculation Rolls fonds contain matriculation rolls for the classes (born ) between 1874 and 1911, privates and non-commissioned officers enlisted in various corps.