State Archives of Mantova


Indexing status


Civil registry

The Mantova State Archive holds the Napoleonic Department of Mincio Civil Registry from 1806 to 1815. The Mantova Province Civil Registry of the Italian Period is also available, and it includes the duplicates of the birth, marriage, death and citizenship certificates and its alphabetical indexes. The documents go from 1866/1871 to 1900 and the following years, but there are some gaps due to the poor state of conservation of some files at the Mantova District Court. In 2014 the archives from the Italian Civil Registry (1866-1948) arrived, there were also some gaps among them. Last, there is an “Israelite Communities” Civil Registry of the Mantova Province that cover the years 1826-1845 and 1861; the “death certificates of jewish soldiers” files are available for 1855. The documents have been gathered together at the Mantova Provincial Branch series in 8 envelopes.

Army census

The Institute keeps the draft lists (classes of those born between 1839-1846 and 1941), referring to young people called to the military visit, with Austrian and Italian military conscripts (1839-1866) and military conscripts (1853-1941).

Recruitment number and military draw number

The matriculation roles document the actual services rendered by soldiers born in the province of Mantova and any events that have changed their position in the context of their military career. Particularly:
Verona military district. Roles and matriculation files, born in 1914-1937, with antecedents.
Brescia military district. Documentation and matriculation office. Officers belonging to the province of Mantova, born in 1870, 1896-1929, with gaps.

Online Sources

Since 1992, the State Archives of Mantova have established the Draft Lists database, including over 180,000 names relating to the male population residing in the province of Mantova from 1847 to 1900. Since September 2009, following an agreement signed with the Mantovani Association in the World, it has been possible to consult online the data relating to the conscription of all seventy Mantovani municipalities from 1860 to 1890. At the moment the database is no longer accessible due to termination of the agreement. The draft careds for the mantuan soldiers born in 1838, 1848, 1851 and 1866-1899 and the attached lists, previously filed at the Verona State Archive, are available for consultation at this Institute.

Other sources in the archive

  • Death Registry of the Gonzaga Archive: the series of death Registries held by the Gonzaga Archie was issued by the city officers between the 15th and 17th centuries; those files comprise 36 volumes from 1496 to 1694 (with some gaps).
  • Familia D’Arco: the handwritten work of Carlo D’Arco Annotazioni genealogiche di famiglie mantovane che possono servire alla esatta compilazione of the storie di queste, gathers the History and family trees of more than 530 mantuan families in alphabetical order in 8 volumes. Each one of these, except the 8th is accompanied by indexes.