State Archives of Mantua


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The State Archives of Mantua preserves civil status records (birth, marriage, and death records and attachments) produced from 1806 to 1815 by the municipalities of the Department of the Mincio, a territorial arrangement of the Napoleonic era. It also preserves the Italian civil status, consisting of second copies of the birth, marriage, death and citizenship registers with related alphabetical indexes, of the 70 municipalities in the present province of Mantua. The records, dated between 1866-1871 and 1900, with sequels, have gaps due to the poor state of preservation in which the records were kept prior to the transfer made by the Court of Mantua. In 2014, the attachments of Italian civil status, produced from 1866 to 1948, were received with gaps. Lastly, the civil status of the ” Israelite Communities” of Mantua and the territory for the years 1826,1845-1861 is preserved; there is also correspondence regarding the transmission of the same sheets and an excerpt from the protocol “of deaths by Israelite soldiers” referred to Mantua for 1855. The documents constitute a series of the Mantua Provincial Delegation fund, combined in 8 envelopes.

Draft lists

The Institute preserves draft lists (classes of those born between 1839-1846 and 1941), referring to young men called for military examination, with Austrian and Italian Military Levies (1839-1866) and Military Levies (1853-1941).

Matriculation sheets and roles

Matriculation rolls document the actual services rendered by soldiers born in the province of Mantua and any events that changed their position within their military career. Specifically:
Verona military district. Rolls and matriculation files, classes 1914-1937, with antecedents.
Brescia military district. Office of Records and Matriculation. Officers belonging to the province of Mantua, classes 1870, 1896-1929, with gaps.

Online Sources.

Beginning in 1992, the Mantua State Archives established the Lists of Conscription database, including more than 180,000 names related to the male population residing in the province of Mantua from 1847 to 1900. Since September 2009, as a result of an agreement signed with the Association of Mantuans in the World, it has been possible to consult online the draft data of all seventy Mantuan municipalities from 1860 to 1890. The database is currently no longer accessible due to termination of the agreement. At the institute it is also possible to consult images of the matriculation rolls of Mantua’s soldiers from the draft classes 1838,1848,1851,1866-1899 and their rubrics, documentation currently kept at the State Archives in Verona.

Other sources in the Archives

  • Necrological Registers of the Gonzaga Archives : The series Necrological Registers kept in the Gonzaga Archives, was produced by the offices in charge of recording deaths that occurred in the city of Mantua in the 15th-17th centuries; it consists of 36 volumes dated between 1496 and 1694 (with gaps).
  • D’Arco Families: The nineteenth-century manuscript work of Carlo D’Arco Genealogical annotations of Mantuan families that can serve the exact compilation of their histories, collects in eight volumes (the last two are bound together) the history and family trees of more than 530 Mantuan families in alphabetical order. Each volume, except the last, is accompanied by indexes.