State Archives of L’Aquila


Status of digitization activities


Civil registry

The archive known as “Civil Registry files” holds the duplicates of the birth, marriage and death certificates and the attached files, from 1809 to 1865, of the entire province of L’Aquila and the Cittaducale circumscription, today in the Rieti Province. The L’Aquila District Court has recently sent the registers of the Italian period (from 1866 to 2000) of the municipalities of its circumscription. The archive is available for consultation at the State Archive study room.

Army census

The archive Provincial Recruitment Council holds the Recruitment Lists of the classes of between 1768 and 1841 of the L’Aquila, Avezzano, Cittàducale and Sulmona Districts, and, furthermore, for the sole class of 1819, the draft cards of the recruits the Abruzzo and Molise Regions. The Archive L’Aquila Recruitment Office contains the Recruitment Lists of the classes between 1842 and 1944 and the reformed recruits files (classes of 1874-1899); there are some gaps for the cities of the Cittaducale Circumscription (classes of 1842-1908) and for the Cities of Popoli and Bussi (from the class of 1908 on).

Recruitment number and military draw number

The Aquila and Sulmona Military District Archive (classes of 1843-1913) holds the draft cards and military records of the enrolled recruits.