State Archives of Imperia


Status of digitization activities


Civil registry

The Imperia State Archive and its sections of Sanremo and Ventimiglia hold the Civil Registry archives, subdivided in two parts: Civil Registry from 1785 to 1864 (which includes the certificates of the parishes, the Napoleonic Era and the Restoration Era) and the Oneglia and Porto Maurizio Italian Civil Registry (from 1866 to 1900) for the birth, marriage, death and citizenship certificates and the marriage announcements of the Imperia Province. In the Imperia archive the Sanremo Italian Civil Registry(1866-1900) holds files of Sanremo and its circumscription. There are some gaps and all the files are available for consultation unless they contain sensitive data, regulated by the data protection laws.

Army census

The Recruitment files, which hold the Recruitment Lists and the Draft cards, are: Military District – Recruitment Office of Porto Maurizio– Sanremo circumscription, Army Recruitment Lists (classes of 1866-1935); the Recruitment Lists of the Porto Maurizio Navy Military District(classes of 1901-1906); Porto Maurizio Captaincy – sailors draft cards (classes of 1886-1939); City of Oneglia – Recruitment Lists and draft cards (classes of 1792-1902); City of Porto Maurizio, Recruitment Lists (classes of 1792-1899). The draft cards give us information about the military service, the Army corps and the military campaigns in which the recruits served until their discharge.

Recruitment number and military draw number

The Draft Cards for the province of Imperia are kept at the State Archives of Savona.

Archival heritage