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Marital status

The sources are not available at this Institute.

Draft lists

The State Archives in Gorizia hold the Udine Conscription Office – Conscription Lists (classes 1888-1948). The Gorizia Military District issued the Recruitment Lists with the help of the Recruitment Office, which supervised and completed the Recruitment Lists sent by the cities. In 1937 the Gorizia Military District was suppressed, and its functions were transferred to the Udine and Trieste Military Districts.

Each one of the lists contain information about the Civil Registry, physical features, occupation, alphabetization, and the ruling of the Recruitment Council.

Matriculation sheets and roles

The fond Distretto militare di Udine – Ruoli matricolari preserves the matriculation rolls (classes 1875-1937) of the Military District of Gorizia, abolished in 1937, whose jurisdiction was transferred to that of Udine. The archive has some gaps, and its military files can be found at the Trieste and Udine State Archives.

Online Sources.

The institute made available online:

Ruoli matricolari 1875-1890;

Ruoli matricolari 1891-1900;

Ruoli matricolari 1901-1909;

Ruoli matricolari 1910-1925;

Ruoli matricolari 1926-1937;

Fogli matricolari 1894-1937;

Fogli matricolari sottoufficiali.

The State Archives in Gorizia preserve the conscription lists produced by the Gorizia Conscription Office for the birth classes from 1900 to 1952, a total of no. 145 archival units. (Conscription lists 1900-1952). In order to facilitate the retrieval of the information contained therein, the matriculation lists are being computerised and indexed. Currently, the computerised lists published here concern envelopes no. 32-64, 76, 81, 102.

In addition, the institute has made available a database concerning the Libri dei Fuochi. The Libri dei Fuochi are 33 registers compiled by the Municipality of Gorizia between the 19th and 20th centuries, containing data on families living in the area.

Other sources in the Archives

TheGorizia City Registry file (1830-1956) holds 33 big registries, identified as the Home books by the State Archive.