State Archives of Campobasso


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The Campobasso State Archives hold the civil status fonds, which collect the second copies of birth, marriage and death registers, produced by the offices of the municipalities, with indexes and annexes in accordance with the regulations in force in the various historical periods, and are subdivided into Civil Status of the Municipality of Baranello (1809-1982); Civil Status of the Municipalities in the Province of Campobasso (1809-1957) (with the exclusion of Duronia whose records are in the State Archives in Isernia). Marriage proceedings for the oldest part (birth certificates of the bride and groom and death certificates of their parents) are also included. Since 1866, citizenship registers (mostly changes of residence), ten-year indexes and annexes of births, marriages and deaths prescribed by Italian state law have been added.

– List of conscription (1840-1948).

The Recruitment Listsarchive holds the documents of young male citizens born between 1842 and 1935 and residents in the District, whom were called to the recruitment exam.

Matriculation sheets and roles

The other group of documents comprises the draft card series from the Campobasso and Caserta Military Districts (classes of 1874-1934).