State Archives of Caltanissetta


Status of digitization activities


Civil registry

The Civil Registry archive holds the duplicates of the birth, marriage, death and citizenship certificates (most of them are residence changes from 1866 on), instituted by the Bourbon Reform and maintained by the Kingdom of Italy between 1820 and 1930.

Army census

The Recruitment Lists of many generations are held in the archive of the Caltanisetta Military District. These lists include young males born in the district between 1840 and 1945. The Historic Archive of Caltanisetta (1813-1849), in the registries sub-series, holds the military records of soldiers of the National Guard.

Recruitment number and military draw number

Caltanissetta Military District preserves the series of Sheets (1858-1920) and Matriculation Rolls (1880-1897).

Archival heritage