State Archives of Brindisi


Status of digitization activities


Civil registry

The Brindisi State Archive holds the Civil Registryof the cities of the Brindisi Province (1809-1960). The file is composed of the duplicates of the birth, marriage, death and citizenship certificates issued by the city registries and sent by them to the local Court each year. In 1959 some of those files (from 1809 to 1887) were sent to the State Archive, where they were inventoried and reorganized. The rest of the files, from 1888 to 1960, were sent to the Archive in 2002, and are still being inventoried. These are the cities included in this State Archive: Brindisi (and the town of Tuturano), Carovigno, Ceglie Messapica, Cellino S. Marco, Cisternino (since 1866), Erchie, Fasano (since 1866), Francavilla Fontana, Latiano, Mesagne, Oria, Ostuni, Sandonaci, S. Michele S. (and the town of S. Vito since 1912), S. Pancrazio S., S. Pietro Vernotico, S. Vito dei N., Torchiarolo, Torre S. Susanna and Villa Castelli.

Army census

The Brindisi Recruitment Officefile (classes of 1871-1944) is held at this Archive. The file was created upon registries transferred by Lecce State Archive and the Lecce Province Recruitment Office. The Recruitment Lists, issued annually by each city for the Army (and, later on, also for the Air Force) were sent to the District or the Circumscription Capital to be verified by the Recruitment Council. In 1923 the Provincial Recruitment Office were created, so the Lists from the Brindisi Province were sent to Lecce or Bari. Upon the creation of the Brindisi Province in 1927 the files were sent to the Brindisi Provincial Recruitment Office, in which the files are divided in two sections: one prior to 1927 and the other for any other new file, both of them divided by town and class.

The fileBrindisi Harbormaster holds the Navy Recruitment Lists (classes of 1900-1910).

Recruitment number and military draw number

The file Brindisi Harbormaster holds the Draft Cards (classes of 1900-1974).