State Archives of Bergamo


Status of digitization activities


Civil registry

The institute keeps the civil status records of Bergamo and the municipalities of the province, produced between 1866 and 1943 and paid by the Court of Bergamo. The Ancestry Portal publishes the digital copies of the documents issued until 1943, but it is not yet available. Digitisation of documents up to 1943 is not yet available.

Army census

The archive contains theconscription lists of the Municipality of Bergamo and of the other municipalities of the district (Redona, Grumello del Piano, Valtesse and Colognola) for the classes (births) between 1861 and 1927 (followed by 1954). In addition, the conscription lists of the municipalities of the province for the years between 1822 and 1940 are deposited.

Recruitment number and military draw number

This institution holds documents from the Bergamo and Treviglio Military Districts for the classes between 1868 and 1948: draft cards, form no. 106 (also known as draft records) and alphabetical lists.

Online Sources

The files of the city register office at the Recruitment Lists for some of the military classes have been gathered in a database available for all users.