State Archives of Avellino


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The State Archive of Avellino holds the Avellino civil status fund (1809 – 1970) concerning the second copies of the birth, marriage, death and citizenship registers drawn up by the municipalities of the districts of Avellino, and the districts of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi and Ariano Irpino until 1945. Attualmente sono conservati gli allegati del distretto di Avellino dall’anno 1956 e del distretto di Ariano Irpino per gli anni 1867/1957.

The districts of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi and Ariano hold the Marriage processes (1862-1865) and its inventory.

– List of conscription (1840-1948).

The Fond Esiti di leva della provincia di Avellino preserves the conscription lists (classes 1853-1948) of the municipalities of the provincial territory, until 1923 divided into the three districts of Avellino (1871-1948), Ariano Irpino (1867-1948), Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi (1853-1948).

Matriculation sheets and roles

The Matriculation Rolls of the District of Avellino contains the enlisted in the Italian Army (classes 1848-1928 and 1939-1948) bound in volumes and sorted by matriculation number. Those files were delivered by the Salerno Military District.

Online Sources.

The Institute is connected to the ‘Portale della storia degli italiani‘ with the inclusion of data on the birth records of the Municipality of Avellino for the years between 1809-1850, and those relating to conscription records for the years between 1853-1941.

Other sources in the area

Municipality of Calitri: Onciary Cadastre of Calitri of 1753 The site makes available to the public various documents of historical and genealogical interest relating to the municipality of Calitri, in the province of Avellino. These include the Catasto onciario, drawn up in 1753 by order of the authorities of the Kingdom of Naples. The cadastre has been partly digitised and can be consulted online. Data for more than 750 households are available, and it is also possible to consult the entire cadastre by downloading photos of the original document for the selected household. The site also presents the possibility of consulting other databases relating to the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, the ecclesiastical register of marriages (1677-1801), the register of baptisms (1789-1810) and the municipal register of marriages (1809-1955)