State Archives of Avellino


Status of digitization activities


Civil registry

The State Archive of Avellino holds the Avellino civil status fund (1809 – 1970) concerning the second copies of the birth, marriage, death and citizenship registers drawn up by the municipalities of the districts of Avellino, and the districts of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi and Ariano Irpino until 1945. Attualmente sono conservati gli allegati del distretto di Avellino dall’anno 1956 e del distretto di Ariano Irpino per gli anni 1867/1957.

The districts of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi and Ariano hold the Marriage processes (1862-1865) and its inventory.

Army census

The archive Outcome of the Recruitment examination of the Avellino Province holds the Recruitment Lists (classes of 1853-1948) of the towns of the province, divided until 1923 in the Avellino (1871-1948), Ariano Irpino (1867-1948), and Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi (1853-1948)districts.

Recruitment number and military draw number

The archive Avellino District Draft Cards holds the Italian Army enrollment list (classes of 1848-1928 e 1939-1948) joint together in volumes and ordered by file number. Those files were delivered by the Salerno Military District.

Online Sources

The Institute has joined the “Portale della storia degli italiani

and it has included in that site the data of the birth certificates issued by the Avellino City Registry from 1809 to 1850 and the outcome of the Recruitment examination between 1853 and 1941.