State Archives of Arezzo


Status of digitization activities


Civil registry

The Arezzo province Civil Registry previous to the Italian unification is held at the Tuscany Civil Registry Archive (1808-1865) in of the State Archive in Firenze.

The Ancestors Portal contains the few preserved registers of the civil status of the municipality of Arezzo (1816 – 1863), the censuses of Arezzo’s population (1861, 1871, 1881) and the exhibits of the Ospedale Santa Maria sopra i Ponti, later Spedale del Ponte della Misericordia.

Army census

Military district of Arezzo contains: Summary registers (classes 1883-1891), Drawing lists(classes 1841-1890), Conscription lists (classes 1842-1920). In addition, an internal database in Excel format was created with the names of the members and the main personal data for the classes 1842-1864, Liste di leva (Liste di leva) (classes 1821- ) kept at the State Archives in Firenze.

Recruitment number and military draw number

Military district of Arezzo contains: Military rolls of privates and troop graduates up to the last seventy years (classes 1875-1940), Military rolls (class 1852), Protocols of correspondence (1901-1940).

Online Sources

The transcriptions of the death and baptism registries of the Fraternità dei Laici are a useful source for the period between 1808 and 1881, together with the many documents from previous centuries available at the archive.

Other sources in the archive

In the Arezzo State Archive many collections are particularly relevant for genealogical research:

Ospedale Santa Maria sopra i Ponti then Spedale del Ponte della Misericordia: Births, Baptisms exhibits (1585-1865), Marriages exhibits (1746-1865) and Deaths exhibits (1784-1861).

Fraternità dei Laici, (1348-1432), 1 registry.

The rest of the sources of this archive belong to the “Fondo antico” of the Arezzo City Hall: family books (1816-1863), censuses (1861; 1871; 1881).