State Archives of Ancona


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The State Archives of Ancona preserves the following fonds:

Napoleonic Civil Status (June 1808-July 1815). Includes Registers of Births, Marriages, Divorces, Deaths, and the Census for the year 1812, with relevant headings.

Papal civil state. Includes Ancona censuses for the years 1848, 1853, 1857. These are household cards on a parish basis.

General registers of population of the City of Ancona for the year 1861, with updates and notes of variations up to the end of the century. These are family records compiled on a parish basis. The series is spotty.

Copies of the Acts of birth, marriage and death of the parishes belonging to the dioceses of Ancona, Fabriano, Jesi, Loreto, Osimo and Senigallia for the years 1862-1865 (the so-called years of implantation of the Civil Status). The series has some shortcomings.

Copies of the Civil Status Acts of the Municipalities of the Province of Ancona (circa 1866-1950). The fund includes the Birth, Marriage, Death and Citizenship Acts, including their respective Attachments.

Draft lists

Conscription outcomes of those enrolled in the municipalities of the province of Ancona, from the class of 1839 to 1947. These are annual registers for each single municipality and district that the Centro documentale di Ancona (ex Distretto di Militare) pays every year to the Archivio di Stato implementing the series.

Results of sea conscription of the province of Ancona for the classes 1900-1918.

Conscription results of Lagosta (Lastovo, for the classes 1901-1925) and Zara (Zadar, for the classes 1899-1925), at the time included in the territory of the Military District of Ancona.

Matriculation sheets and roles

Army rolls of the Military District of Ancona, from the class of those born in 1874 until 1945. The rolls kept at the State Archives in Ancona concern only ‘military troopers’ (privates and inferior graduates) registered in all the municipalities of the province.

Personal records of soldiers enrolled in the Ancona Guardia di Finanza for the classes from 1830 to 1904.

Military rolls of the Navy (1901-1919). However, the rolls relate only to military personnel transferred from land to sea. The Ancona Harbour Office, on the other hand, keeps the complete series of those registered in the Italian Navy.

Special matriculation rolls. These are 39 registers paid by the Distretto Militare di Ancona to the Archivio di Stato di Ancona in December 2018. The series includes: Matriculation rolls of the Italian Red Cross, registers of partisans and partisans registered with the military district, registers of volunteers, register of the fallen, golden roll of the fallen of the Great War.

Other sources in the Archives

Registers of the deceased of the City of Ancona (1554-1861). These are the annual records of all the deaths that occurred in the town, which the parish priest noted down in alphabetical order (by the proper name of the deceased, followed by the surname).