State Archives of Agrigento


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The Agrigento State Archive holds the Civil Registry of Girgenti and district(1820 -1865) archives, where the documents of the province have been gathered. The archive and its inventory are available for consultation at the study room.

– List of conscription (1840-1948).

The recruitment archives are the following: Provincial Conscription Council in Girgenti contains the lists of male citizens called to military service born between 1840 and 1923 for 44 municipalities; also in the fund Captaincy of Porto Empedocle sea draft lists are kept for those born between 1874 and 1966.

Matriculation sheets and roles

Girgenti Military District (1858 – 1918) preserves the series of sheets (classes 1874-1918) and matricular rolls of privates (classes 1873-1918) and non-commissioned officers (classes 1858-1918).