State Archives of Reggio Emilia


Status of digitization activities


Civil registry

The Reggio Emilia State Archive holds several collections of great genealogic value:

– the series of the Civil Status and Registry Office of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia(1549-1814);

– the acts and registers of Civil Status and Registry of the archives of the Israelite University known as “New”(1769-1861);

– the Civil Registry of the Public Prosecutor (Court Archives), of the cities of the former Crostolo Department (1806-1814);

– the Civil Registry files of the Reggio Emilia Court (1848-1945);

– the Civil Registry files of the Guastalla Sub-prefecture (1852-1865).

Army census

The Reggio Emilia Province Recruitment fileshold the Recruitment Lists (classes of 1840-1916). The sources for the following years (1917-1943) are held at the Modena State Archive. In these registries the military authorities indicated the maternity, paternity, address, occupation, physical features and the outcome of the recruitment examination (able, reformed, extended exemption) of each recruit. The same kind of sources can be found at the file known as Guastalla Circumscription Recruitment files (classes of 1840-1880).

Recruitment number and military draw number

The Draft Cards of the recruits of the 1874-1943 classes are hold at the Modena State Archive. The files are currently been organized and are only partly available for consultation.

Other sources in the area

ISTORECO Reggio Emilia gli Albi della Memoria. The Municipality of Reggio Emilia’s Archive Centre, managed by the ISTORECO company, has made available the registers of fallen soldiers in the province of Reggio Emilia from all wars from 1820 to 1945, as well as deported civilians and interned soldiers from the Second World War (1940-45) and anti-fascist political persecuted.