“And so we do lamerica”. Stories of female emigration

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the editorial staff of the portal Antenati suggests watching the video “And so we do lamerica”. Stories of female emigration promoted by the State Archives of Napoli in collaboration with the online column Filodiritto, which reconstructs some stories of emigration seen “from the side of women”, through the documents of the series Passports and Emigration (1888 – 1901) of the archives of the Police Headquarters of Napoli.

A cross-section of the history and common life of our country, that of emigration, where women have always played a fundamental role, whether they have been given the responsibility of severing the umbilical cord with their native land to join their husbands, or have been able to bear the weight of abandonment, or have had the strength to abandon and move on, taking care of their families and children.

YT State Archives of Napoli