Start generation of image thumbnails

We have started the production and display of image thumbnails.

The thumbnails with the Ancestors logo will gradually disappear to make way for the actual previews of the pages of all the registers that can be consulted on the Portal.

Considering the amount of usable registers and images (to date: 1,599,498 registers and 118,699,061 of digital objects), the generation will take place incrementally and constantly, continuing over the next few months.

We remind you that by clicking on the viewer icon dedicated to window views and thumbnailit will be possible to:

    • view images with the gallery of thumbnails (Fig.1) or single page (Fig.2)
Fig.1 (
Fig.2 (
  • enjoy the images by placing the current view side by side with the previews arranged on the right (Fig. 3) or placed on the bottom (Fig. 4)
    Fig.3 (

    Fig.4 (