State Archives of Terni, Orvieto section


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Civil registry

The Orvieto section of the Terni State Archive holds the Parish Books series(1513-1863).

Army census

The Orvieto Military District file holds the Orvieto Recruitment Lists (classes of 1839-1889) and the Recruitment and draft dodgers lists of the Rieti circumscription (classes of 1895-1922) and Reformed lists (1909-1922).

Recruitment number and military draw number

The Orvieto Military District holds Draft Cards (Orvieto 1843-1865), Military records (Orvieto 1843-1848), Copy of the Matriculation Sheet (Viterbo 1860-1865), Matriculation Roll (Orvieto 1876-1896), Roll of Enrolled Members (Viterbo and Orvieto 1843-1865).