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Civil registry

The Livorno State Archive holds the Civil Registry of the Livorno Court Circumscription (1866-1935) and the file Community of Livorno – Documents from the Italian period, where the series of annual indexes for births (1866-1896), marriages (1867-1894) and deaths (1866-1895) are available for consultation.

Army census

The Recruitment Office, which holds the Recruitment Lists of the male residents of the Livorno and Portoferraio circumscription born between 1842 y 1941. The files Livorno Harbormaster Navy Recruitment(1901-1985) and Livorno Italian City Registry – Navy Recruitment(1867-1868) are also useful sources.

Recruitment number and military draw number

The Draft Cards of the recruits (classes of 1907-1940) and the alphabetical lists (classes of 1910-1940) are available for consultation at the archive.