State Archives of Genoa


Status of digitization activities


Marital status

The Genoa State Archives preserve civil status records collected in three fonds.a Napoleonic Civil Status Series (1795-1813), Rapallo parish register series (1838-1859) and Post-Unification Civil Status Register Series paid by the Court of Genoa and the Court of Chiavari (1866-1915): contains the second copies of birth, marriage, death and citizenship deeds with alphabetical indexes submitted by the civil status offices to the local court for preservation.

Draft lists

The Napoleonic period conscription lists of male citizens born in the municipalities of the department of Montenotte (classes 1786-1795); while theConscription Office of the Kingdom of Sardinia retains the lists of conscripts (classes 1792-1886) for the municipalities in the district of Albenga, Chiavari, Genoa, La Spezia, Savona. Maternity, paternity, domicile, occupation, somatic data and the outcome of the visit are noted for each member.

Matriculation sheets and roles

The District Military Fund of Genoa conserves the matriculation rolls (classes 1874-1884) and matriculation sheets (1874-1943) relating to Genoa and province and the matriculation sheets (1921-1943) relating to Massa and province.

Online Sources.

The institute has made available online the data of the holders of the matriculation sheets kept by the Genoa State Archives, concerning those born between 1874 and 1921, for military personnel of the Military District of Genoa.