User release

Dear users,

We thank you for the hundreds of messages and comments you sent us through the Contact form, which allow us to improve the Portal’s functionality.

Come sapete, l’attività di reingegnerizzazione si è resa necessaria in quanto la versione precedente del Portale non garantiva la sicurezza e la stabilità necessarie dal punto di vista infrastrutturale e per questo non sarà possibile ripristinarlo. Nel corso dei prossimi mesi proseguiranno le attività di miglioramento e implementazione delle funzionalità del nuovo Portale.

We have taken into account all your observations and, where possible, we have already intervened to improve the use of the Portal.

Among them we underline:

Indication of the register signature, also in the rows of the result-set.
The string number and all the data that are attached to it (for example the indication of the initials for the ten-year indexes, the surnames in the “Family Sheets” or the fractions and surnames for the “Role of the population” of the Archive di Stato di Padova) are visible both in the register detail page and in the search results page.

New sorting criteria for facets.

In addition to the default ordering criteria by relevance, by clicking on “Expand” it is possible to view the occurrences in alphabetical order (A / Z) or chronological (for Years).

Recovery of the URL of the previous Portal

From your comments, we learned that many users had saved the URLs of the old Portal for their own personal searches, for indexing activities on, and as part of projects such as Wikitree: in order to allow accessibility to these resources ,we have taken steps to guarantee, in the coming weeks, the connection between the old and the new URL for a limited time, pending the release of the bookmark functionality according to the ARK specifications. The dates when the link will be available will be communicated on the Portal.

Issues relating to individual State Archives:

  • • We have resolved the problems of consultation relating to the Italian civil status of the State Archives of Roma.
  • Boththe Napoleonic civil status registers (municipalities in the province) of the State Archives of Napoli.
  • The records relating to the State Archives of Firenze have been restored according to the previous version of the Portal. Please note that the data contained in the registers are currently being revised, and therefore the outcome of the revision will be made available in the coming weeks.

Publication of new Archives and new documents

In the coming months, the amount of availables documents will be increased, both with new State Archives and with further registers of State Archives already present, in line with the programming shared with FamilySearch. The Last published archives will be indicated in the section of the Portal with the same name, specifying the chronological details and consistency.

Authentic copies of documents and image downloads

Please note that to obtain an authentic copy of the documents found in the Ancestors Portal, it is necessary to contact the State Archives that hold the original documents, whose contact details can be consulted through the Institutes’ files in the Explore Archives section.

It should be noted that in the future it will be possible to access, via credentials, a user areaof the portal within which, once registered, it will also be possible to download images. In this way it will be possible to ensure the traceability of users and download events in order to monitor any unauthorizeduse of the images (eg commercial purposes), other than those of study and research.

Researches on behalf of users

It is emphasized that the Portal has always not carried out genealogical or personal data searches on behalf of users, but makes the documentation available to carry out these searches independently, therefore we cannot respond to this type of request and we invite you not to enter them in the contact form.

Civil status certificates

In consideration of the numerous requests for civil status certificates, please note that the Antenati portal does not provide this service: the issue of certificates and extracts from civil status records, necessary for submitting the application for recognition of Italian citizenship, is the responsibility of the ‘Civil Status Officer of the Municipality where these documents are kept (starting from 1866), who also carries out the searches requested by private individuals in these documents, pursuant to art. 450 of the Civil Code. To obtain these documents, it is therefore necessary to contact the Municipality where the deed was formed.

Family stories

For the Portal, the participation of users is extremely important, which we have valued in particular in the Tell your story section, we are also implementing this activity by developing a specific form with which you can send us your family stories.

How to contribute?

To date, it is possible to contribute to the indexing of the registers by participating in the projects on the Family Search Italian Projects page. For any problems regarding indexing, please contact Family Search directly. Instead, you can use the Contact form to report any typos in the indexing.

Reports and problems

Before contacting us, please read the FAQ carefully. Also in the Contact form you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us only to report bugs and anomalies that may be subject to timely intervention, so that we can solve them as soon as possible.